Recycle more, and more diversely

I recall the time I spent in China as the hottest and stuffiest days of my life. I was there for a summer study abroad experience, as well as the chance to visit with relatives that I had not seen since I was five years old. At every step of my travels, in the dusty background were the old and the poor. My companions and… Read More

burn out brighter

I am working on a piece about scientific literacy! This is for a course on writing about science. I sent around this survey to gather a sense of what people in my generation know about science and what they thought about their core science classes. Some of the responses are quite interesting. Here are a few quotes: “The lectures covered really interesting material, but too… Read More

Climate Change: Picturing the Science

Climate Change: Picturing the Science

I attended a book launch today for Climate Change: Picturing the Science, hosted by the Columbia Climate Center of the Earth Institute at Columbia University. The book is focused on how to take the science and communicate it through words and pictures. Leading climate scientists contributed to the writing of the chapters while the photographs were chosen based on what would explain and support the… Read More

like a rickshaw getting pulled around by another rickshaw

Overheard conversation in class about an assignment to be handed in: A: “Were we supposed to print double or single-sided?” B: “I don’t know.” A: “Well I wasn’t sure, so I did both. I didn’t want to get points off for something silly like that.” Our previous assignment requested that we print double-sided. It would make sense to do the same this time, especially if… Read More

do what you want

A few weeks ago, I was having lunch with a friend. He is planning his wedding and they recently have been going to Bed Bath & Beyond to add items to their registry. He told me about a few items that he saw while there: containers for a single slice of bread, and containers that have a built in ice pack in the lid. That… Read More

The Earth Institute’s Panel on “Greening the Urban Economy”

On March 5th, 2009, at the top of the International Affairs Building at Columbia University gathered a diverse group of experts as part of the Earth Institute’s Seminars on Sustainable Development. Though their specialties ranged from Civil Engineering to environmental non-profit organizations, they spoke on a panel together on “Greening the Urban Economy.” “What does this mean?” and “how can we make it happen?” were… Read More