Picking vegetables? On the water? On the Hudson River?


That might sound like a strange idea, but it is possible! The Science Barge is a floating farm museum, currently docked in Yonkers, NY, that aims to bring awareness about urban farming. They claim to grow tomatoes, lettuce, and cucumbers with zero carbon emissions, zero pesticides, and zero runoff. Thousands of schoolchildren, adults, and press people have visited the barge since it opened in 2007.… Read More

All We See is $s and Dinner

(This piece was written Fall 2007.) Our perception of Nature has everything to do with the way that we live our lives. People who trivialize the importance of nature to their daily lives take for granted what Nature has given and allowed us to accomplish. It may seem that we may rely on Nature’s resources indefinitely, but at what cost to Nature? Our time on… Read More

Food advocacy restaurants and farms?

It bothers me that some restaurants that are supposedly trying to educate the public about food choices and farming STILL charge exorbitant prices for their dishes. One example is the Blue Hill restaurants and farms (which are super prestigious and has received special chef awards and recognition). What is the point of having that goal for the farm and restaurant if you are only going… Read More

Google and extension of the mind

The amount of stimulation the Internet can provide can be overwhelming at times, but I think that this characteristic may be surpassed by the benefits of having large amounts of information at your fingertips. “Googling” has become almost a daily part of our lives, and only becomes more so as the power of the Google search engines increases its reach. There is, however, an ongoing… Read More

“Sustainomics”? Possible? Or maybe not?

According to, 2009 is the “Year of Science.” May is the month of Sustainability and the Environment! There are several interesting things to read on EarthPortal’s website, including an interesting page on land use change and an e-book called “Making Development More Sustainable.” In the introduction of this e-book, they authors introduce a term, “sustainomics,” which they define as “a transdisciplinary, integrative, comprehensive, balanced,… Read More