The wikiquest for innovation


I’m currently in the middle of the book Wikinomics by Don Tapscott and Anthony D. Williams. They discuss the increasing popularity and need for collaborative effort to create value and content in this economy. Examples range from the music industry to server software. Quotes: Pg. 28 “By definition, a truly global economy has no physical or regional boundaries. It builds planetary ecosystems for designing, sourcing,… Read More

Smart growth

Here are some interesting articles about smart growth in the Long Island, New York area: It is nice to hear that these residential buildings will also be near retail spaces, so that the people living there will have access to places within walking distance where they can fulfill their basic needs.

Eater’s guidelines…attempts at making sense of it all

As promised, though a bit late, here are some general guidelines for buying and consuming food as suggested by Michael Pollan in the ending chapters of In Defense of Food. He covers a lot of ideas while giving some advice and I will summarize here some of the ones I think are key. I really recommend reading the book for some great stories, examples, and… Read More

Somewhat sustainable seafood

sustainable seafood

I’m somewhat of a skeptic when it comes to seafood sustainability. I doubt that any fish farming endeavor is completely waste-free or low-enough-ecological-impact to be done at the scale that would be needed to wean our culture off of a meat (and soy) industry that is tearing up the planet. You may not be aware, but much of the deforestation in South America is either… Read More

Summer climate in NYC

This post is coming after the first few real days of summer weather in New York City. This year’s season has been so far unusually mild, and wet (all of June, basically). NYC’s climate is typically hot and humid by June, but from what I remember this past Thursday and Friday were the only significantly summer-like days so far. I’m not sure what this means,… Read More

Making printing less excessive, and more guilt-free?


We all have a friend who is one. An electricity-hog. A 45-minute-showerer. The drive-to-the-gym-so-I-can-run-in-place kind of person. The most common of these types of habits among young adults today seems to be the excessive bad computing habits, like leaving a computer on when it isn’t being used (especially overnight) and printing things that don’t need to be printed. Computing and printing habits are some of… Read More