I wanna be a street farmer

Will Allen is an urban farmer featured in this NYT article. He does interesting work in greenhouses to feed 10,000 local people. It is so exciting to see something great happening where it is needed most. Urban centers, especially inner city areas, often lack access to fresh produce. This has enormous implications for health because, while it is easier to get a hamburger and fries… Read More

Sunken Forest


On July 3rd, I went to Fire Island off the coast of Long Island, NY. While we were there, we took some time to walk through the Sunken Forest, which is a several hundred year-old patch of forest that is protected from the ocean water by dunes. Bogs! Just talking about them makes me cringe from thoughts of all the bugs that could bite me.… Read More

Health claims galore! Get ‘em while they’re hot!


“Helps lower cholestorol.” “Natural source of antioxidants.” “Low fat.” “Made with all natural ingredients.” You’ve probably seen them all. All these are health claims you might come across in any typical grocery store. The natural instinct for the consumer is to trust these types of statements. They are often backed by a government agency, after all. But what does it mean to be a “qualified”… Read More

Happy 4th!


Happy Fourth of July! For your enjoyment, here are some interesting pages on fireworks: How Fireworks Work NOVA online (video clips, anatomy of a firework, interview with a pyrotech…) This year’s Macy’s Fireworks will be on the Hudson River instead of the East River. The show starts at 9pm! Image credit: Flickr user Mr Magoo ICU

In the spirit of summer…fireflies!


There is an interesting NYTimes article about a researcher who studies about fireflies. Different species of fireflies have different patterns of flashing, but only the males flash while flying! The females usually sit in the grass observing the males, often looking for a male of their own species to respond to. Often you can find several different species of fireflies in the same field. This… Read More