Summer’s end…what was the best part?!


What is it for you? The summer memories, summer weather, summer music, summer nostalgia… When I listen to my favorite summer songs from the years, I feel an overwhelming happiness. I think about youth, playing in the grass, summer events like BBQing, going out to places like Coney Island, being with friends. Why do I feel this attachment to this season? I have a distinct… Read More

Molecular gastronomy…is not your typical food science


Also an article in the book The Best American Science Writing 2007 is a piece called “Cooking for Eggheads” by Patricia Gadsby on molecular gastronomy, which is the study of the physical and chemical processes that go into cooking food. It is interesting to think about this field of science and compare it to what nutritionists do. Nutritionists try to break food down into their… Read More

Detecting lies in the 21st century


I am currently reading the book The Best American Science Writing 2007, and in it was an article about lie detecting by Robin Marantz Henig entitled Looking for the lie that was published in the New York Times Magazine. (Just so you know, there is no scientific evidence to suggest that polygraphs can detect lies at very high accuracy.) Towards the end of her piece,… Read More

I just started a telecommuting internship with Check out my profile here to see the answers that I have posted to questions. I will be answering on average 10 questions a day. Feel free to poke around their website and suggest questions!

And the female fans will flock!


Special 50th Entry! Female fans often mob their favorite male celebrities, many of them screaming and crying along the way…often at airports, concert halls, hotels, and any other place they can stalk their targets to. Somehow, “favorite” doesn’t seem to be a strong enough adjective in these cases. This phenomenon isn’t something that is just characteristic of humans. From a biological and ecological point of… Read More

The chickens in the yard go cluck cluck cluck


This NYT article talks about the trend that is becoming more popular now of keeping chickens in backyards across the nation, such as Chicago, Brooklyn, and the rural West. From the article, the general sense is that most of the people who recently started raising chickens in their backyards are doing it because of the economic recession. A common sentiment that is repeated in the… Read More