Summer’s end…what was the best part?!

What is it for you? The summer memories, summer weather, summer music, summer nostalgia…

When I listen to my favorite summer songs from the years, I feel an overwhelming happiness. I think about youth, playing in the grass, summer events like BBQing, going out to places like Coney Island, being with friends.

Why do I feel this attachment to this season? I have a distinct feeling of summer, a mood… What is it? What does it mean?

In general, I have time periods in my life that I can link to albums and artists that characterize how I felt and what I liked. Memory often works better when it is linked to something from the senses, and in this case the sounds and music are linked to feelings of summer and happiness. This is why you should study in a quiet room, rather than in a room with other noisy people or listening to music.

From this summer, I will remember the dozens of cute kids I worked with at camp, listening to music with my boyfriend, and the anxiety of job searching. It was all good! Right now it is the last day of August, and I feel so sad that it is coming to an end, but also hopeful for the future! (I just got a job offer today! Yay!) I hope you all had great summers!

Some songs that make me think of summer:
Kevin Rudolf ft. Lil Wayne – Let it Rock

Len – Steal my Sunshine
The Ataris – Boys of Summer

Third Eye Blind – Semi Charmed Life

Post some memories about these songs if you have any!


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