Developing eco-laundry habits isn’t as tough as you think it is


Laundry might be one area of home life that seems the most difficult to “green.” You don’t want to compromise the results of the process, but you want to lessen the impact on the environment. Traditional detergents are super heavy on the chemicals. I remember reading a book when I was younger, in which a character was murdered and his face unrecognizable because it had… Read More

Get your tea kettle and some tea leaves…It’s tea season!

green tea with jasmine

Tea season has come around sooner for me this year with this chilly September. Most of the tea that I drink is probably made in China. I like to drink jasmine tea mostly, but sometimes I’ll have green tea. And I drink A LOT of tea in the winter, so it got me thinking about what kind of impact that has.

Call for submissions!


I started this blog in April 2009. That was about 5 and half months ago! So on the eve of my half-year anniversary, I would like to make this shout out for guest contributions. This isn’t a very high profile blog, just something I started for fun, but I would like to start expanding and gaining some momentum, so I thought, what would be better… Read More

Solar-powered film series! “The Garden”

Last friday, I volunteered at the Solar-Powered Film Series hosted by Solar One and Green Edge NYC. I found out about this event from Green Edge NYC (specifically Patricia Curry). It was great to meet up with people doing great work in New York regarding sustainability and community outreach! Thanks should go out to both organizations who put on a great series! This night’s film… Read More

Energy Liberty!

Energy Liberty

So I just started a 6 month internship as the Associate Director at Energy Liberty. Here is our website so you can check it out: We are a new nonprofit aiming to make low-income communities more competitive for the new emerging green job sector. Two of the Energy Liberty programs will be focused on workforce development and helping homeowners in receiving energy audits for… Read More

I saw a Big Belly!


It was big! And green! And solar-powered! You might be confused right now. I seem to be on a theme of cool life-changing inventions since that post about the Slingshot, because the Big Belly is a solar-powered trash compactor. I saw one yesterday while walking on the East Side in Manhattan. I almost missed it because it was on the side of the street under… Read More