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Water in a slingshot


No, not in a balloon in a slingshot. Just in a slingshot. Creator of the Segway, Dean Kamen, has come up with a device that can purify water and he calls it the Slingshot. This CNN article goes into detail about the inventor and the invention. The small machine takes up the space of a typical sized drinking water fountain. Check out the images on… Read More

Some of my favorite questions

Here are some of my favorite questions that I have answered as part of my internship with Q: Do you think we should try and make earth day more important to American people? A: I’m not sure it would do much for the overall cause. Raising awareness is important and everything, but it shouldn’t be concentrated on one day. People will not change their… Read More

The wikiquest for innovation: Part 2

Some more interesting quotes from the book Wikinomics by Don Tapscott and Anthony D. Williams: “We must encourage innovation without eroding the vitality of the scientific and cultural commons. We need an incentive system that rewards inventors and knowledge producers and encourages dissemination of their output.” Pg. 240 “The culture of generosity is the very backbone of the Internet.” Pg. 274 “Innovation is less about… Read More

Trash Building


Dan Phillips builds houses…out of recycled or discarded materials. This New York Times article profiles Phillips and talks about his work. He uses things like picture frame corners that he got from a frame shop who was getting rid of samples and small pieces of wood that are leftover from the ends of boards that other construction companies discard. Phillips tries to sell all of… Read More