Halloween News


Image credit: Flickr user euart Here are some interesting Halloween news links I found while perusing the net: Halloween Safety for Adults Sex Offender Awareness on Halloween Dentists in Bridgman holding buy-back program for Halloween candy TUAW’s Halloween Roundup The Ultimate Halloween Desktop Have a safe weekend! I will be playing in an ultimate frisbee tournament as one of Rufio and the lost boys from… Read More

Our country is overweight; Food Network needs a new image!


Watch the Food Network for a few hours of programming and count up the number of times a healthy eating habit is promoted. You won’t count very high. Even with over 50% of the U.S.’s adult population overweight or obese (Wikipedia citation), healthy food and eating is on the backburner for the Food Network. As the premiere food oriented channel on basic cable, the Food… Read More

5 ways to Green your Halloween!

Halloween is this Saturday, so I thought I would pull together a quick list of ideas: 1. Make your own candy this year. Why? Store bought candy uses a lot of packaging, and typically travels long distances to make it to your belly. Here are some links to make-it-at-home recipes: 2. Reuse, borrow or salvage old costumes or costume parts. Why? Reusing… Read More

Cool new thing of the week: commands in your browser!

I just added a new add-on to Firefox that is pretty awesome. It is called Ubiquity and it serves as a command based way to create your own content mashups, access the web, and in general do things. I can’t explain it that well, so here is this video that can show you some of the things that Ubiquity can accomplish. Ubiquity for Firefox from… Read More

End of Internship! All-time most ridiculous questions.

While doing this internship with, I’ve come across many, many questions that I find to be quite ridiculous. Sometimes, it made me wonder what kinds of people are posting questions on this website, and if they ever received any basic understanding of science from their schooling. I don’t mean to be offensive by saying this, but it just boggles my mind that there is… Read More