Living social innovation: dreamy mass collaboration!

I’m currently in the middle of an application for StartingBloc, which is an organization that holds a fellowship on Social Innovation. Part of the application process is a series of essays. One of which asks how I “live” social innovation. So now I have to figure out, what is social innovation? And how do I live it? Perhaps it is taking new ideas to solve… Read More

Urban Foraging in Prospect Park, Brooklyn

On October 10th, a beautiful morning even if the slightly overcast sky and the occasional drips of water threatened more rain, I set out for Prospect Park in Brooklyn. I took part in a group hike through the park with the goal of foraging and learning about foraging in this urban parkscape. The group was led by Leda Meredith, author of “Botany, Ballet, and Dinner… Read More

Shrinking lifespan and shelf life are just a noontime shadow for the e-waste sent to landfills

databhi ♪♫

Today’s cool devices may be too desirable for their own good when they foster the “gotta have it” mentality that in turn leads to high turnover rates for electronics, excessive unnecessary purchases, and unruly amounts of electronic waste. Image credit: Flickr user databhi ♪♫ While we are in awe of the latest gizmos and smartphones, thousands of electronic devices become e-waste in landfills or be… Read More

International Day of Climate Action

350 flyer

The time for strong climate action is NOW! LOCAL NYC ACTION:  Walk over the Brooklyn Bridge WHEN: 12pm, October 24th WHERE: Meet at the entrance on the Manhattan side of the Brooklyn Bridge For details, or to assist, contact Stephanie Corrado at Sierra Club NYC – act locally for a sustainable future.