LEED Green Associate Study Guide (Part 2 of Series)

Every LEED project needs to fulfill all prerequisites and Minimum Program Requirements. These do not get the project any points towards certification. To get points, the project must include many different strategies in the different categories to add up to the threshold number of points. Read through this website for details on the process: GBCI. Here are the different certification levels: LEED certified – 40-49… Read More

LEED Green Associate Study Guide (Part 1 of Series)

This entry will focus on how the LEED rating systems are set up and the basic categories of credits. For a basic introduction to LEED, check this website. The LEED Rating Systems are the sets of credits and categories that a LEED project team is aiming for. They are specific for the type of construction, like a new building would go for LEED for new… Read More

I have Google Wave!

Last Sunday, I got my invite for Google Wave (from now one I will call it GWave). If you don’t know what it is, Google has created what they think email would be if it were invented now instead of 40 years ago. Here is a short video with a basic explanation: So far, I have done very little that could actually be called productivity… Read More