I have Google Wave!

Last Sunday, I got my invite for Google Wave (from now one I will call it GWave). If you don’t know what it is, Google has created what they think email would be if it were invented now instead of 40 years ago.

Here is a short video with a basic explanation:

So far, I have done very little that could actually be called productivity on GWave. I did post to a friend my Statement of Purpose that he helped edit for my graduate school applications. There was also a poll on how awesome is Rain (Bi) the Korean star in Ninja Assassin. I started a Sudoku Wave with my sister and some friends. GWave also have maps! I’m sure the functionality will only get better, so the little complaints you might hear now are just because GWave is still in Preview. It hasn’t even been released to beta.

I’m glad that GWave exists and I look forward to using it for many more things!!

I even mentioned it in my Statement of Purpose. I’m thinking of including it somehow in my research, but that is a secret for now! If I make it into a program, perhaps I’ll release some more details. 🙂


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