Spotlight videos on The Nature Conservancy

Here are some interesting videos!

This first one is about river flow, featuring the Potomac River. Mark Bryer, who is the director of The Nature Conservancy’s Chesapeake Bay program, explains a little bit about how river flow is important for ecology and the wildlife living in the rivers and in the Chesapeake Bay.

Taking a different angle, here is funny video and song about supporting The Nature Conservancy as part of Project for Awesome:

Interestingly, the auctions for the two items featured in the video sold for a total of more than $300.


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2 thoughts on “Spotlight videos on The Nature Conservancy

  1. The first video was removed by the user, so you might want to update it; I think this is the right one?

    I was particularly interested by the footage in the first video of the dam operations on the Susquehanna River. It looks like employees are manually clearing out the fish that swim through the dam. Is this normal? Do you know if those fish just get deposited back into the river downstream from the dam, or what?

  2. Thanks for pointing that out Nat! That is the right one and I’ve copied in the new embed code.

    It looks like they are manually moving them from one side of the dam to the other. Since it seems like it is a hydropower dam, not just a dam for irrigation, there are probably complex chambers and compartments in the dam that would not be easy for the fish to navigate, so they must get moved manually or go through a separate channel to get expelled out the other side like the video showed.

    I’m not too sure what are the exact procedures for these processes are, but that is probably why The Nature Conservancy is working with the groups involved with relicensing the dams.

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