TED Talk: Jamie Oliver’s wish to teach every kid about food

I watched this TED talk by Jamie Oliver last week and it was quite interesting. I was shocked to see the segment on the children in the classroom he visited in West Virginia. They could not identify vegetables. One child mistook tomatoes for potatoes! Jamie’s wish is to create a network of organizations and community initiatives to teach kids about food, parents how to cook,… Read More

Help save! Donate to keep them going!

I’ve donated to Haiti relief efforts, and now I’ve also donated to help save this organization that has been important to me (especially in my current job search!). In the spirit of altruism, I’d like to bring up the cause for For those of you who do not know, here is the description listed on their website describing who they are: Idealist is a… Read More

Millennium Development Goals: global hunger and undernutrition

Food crisis to cause malnutrition: UN

We may all be familiar with the face of hunger, but undernutrition may be more difficult to detect and treat. Last Tuesday, I attended a lecture by Dr. Jessica Fanzo of the Earth Institute’s Center for Global Health and Economic Development. She spoke about “Global Progress in Ending Hunger and Undernutrition.” Some symptoms of undernutrition may include stunted growth for children, and overweightness for adults… Read More

Pepsi Refresh Projects that I would vote for

Yesterday was the first day that voting has been open for Pepsi’s Refresh projects. They are giving out grants each month to proposals that get the most votes. Here are some that I think are worth voting for: Buy the kind of exciting lab equipment that makes science come alive! Host a Day of Social Justice education for our campus community. Produce an eco-friendly play… Read More