TED Talk: Jamie Oliver’s wish to teach every kid about food

I watched this TED talk by Jamie Oliver last week and it was quite interesting. I was shocked to see the segment on the children in the classroom he visited in West Virginia. They could not identify vegetables. One child mistook tomatoes for potatoes!

Jamie’s wish is to create a network of organizations and community initiatives to teach kids about food, parents how to cook, and generally get people to eat healthier in the fight against obesity.

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2 Responses

  1. chewbear says

    I got to watch some of his TV show, Food Revolution. It is more like a reality TV show than I would like, but it does give a nice look into what challenges this type of initiative would face when trying to make it really happen.

  2. Layla says

    I REALLY like Jamie Oliver and I think it’s a great idea to teach kids and everyone about healthy food!

    Thanks for posting the video!