Say No to Twilight, Say Yes to (free) classics!


Instead of reading mediocre to bad fiction in your spare time, how about some classics? For free? I might be defining my opinion about Twilight by this entry, but, really, what happened to reading good literature? After leaving high school where many of us had required reading, how many continue to pay tribute to the oldies (English majors not included)? There are plenty of classics… Read More

Connecting the path to energy savings with “No on Prop 23″ funding

Today I started reading news in Google Reader, and came across 2 topics that I wish could just find a way to meet up. They have to do with getting widespread behavior and mentality change to happen and funding for political campaigns/issues. That may not sound like they can be connected, but just read on! The first article is titled “Misperceived Paths to Energy Savings”… Read More

Experiencing outdoor concerts makes me happy!

I was lucky enough to catch The xx at Summerstage in Central Park last Sunday after being away for a tournament. And by “catch,” I mean I sat/stood outside of the gates in a clearing in the trees and barely was able to see a sliver of stage. There is something about being outside in semi-nature, enjoying live music, that makes me very very happy.… Read More

Depression-era color photos and 2 cool blogs to read

This entry has a common thread that everything is about different, thought-provoking visual stimuli. The Denver Post posted this gallery by photographers from the Farm Security Administration/Office of War Information. These color slides were recovered from the 1939-1943 and show glimpses into what life was like for Americans during harsh times. The data nerd in me really loves the blog Information is Beautiful for its… Read More