Internships in environmental economics and health

EcoHealth Alliance

EcoHealth Alliance is looking for 2 people who are interested in environmental economics and health to intern at our offices in NYC for 2 or more months, at least 2 days per week. This is an opportunity to work with our experts on issues such as economics of emerging diseases or of disease in wildlife trade. Just to give you an idea of what we… Read More

The non-PhD route

What does it mean, to be a PhD? It’s different in different places, of course. There have been several articles published on this topic, for me most notably in Nature and the Economist. The idea of doing some research that I’m extremely interested in is still very appealing to me. It’s just that…I don’t want to do the PhD to get there, and it may… Read More

Recycled plastic eyeglasses frames


A year ago this month, I purchased new eyeglasses frames from the Earth Conscious Optics line by MODO. They are made completely of recycled plastic. I could also chosen frames that were made from recycled metals. They have been awesome so far, although they don’t sit quite evenly on my nose, but that just might be because my nose is a little uneven! Here’s what… Read More

Migrating birds spreading a protozoal disease!

You may have heard about avian flu, and how migratory birds may be spreading the virus around and potentially allowing for new strains to emerge, but you may not have heard about birds carrying disease causing protozoans. In this peer-reviewed journal article published by EcoHealth, researchers are able to connect the migration of birds through Europe to the emergence of Trichomonosis in several places, such… Read More