Continuing on the non-PhD route…

I wrote several months ago about not going down the traditional PhD route. I still feel the same way, but now I have a few new insights to add to that. Some of which may involve exciting world travels. I’m not closed off to the possibility of going back to graduate school, and if I do I’d probably do another masters with the same reasoning… Read More

The controversy over H5N1 research

Prominent researchers gathered on Feb. 2nd, 2012 for a panel discussion, sponsored by the New York Academy of Sciences (NYAS), to discuss the moratorium on H5N1 research. Should researchers publish their studies? Would it be a threat to security if the wrong people were able to use their findings? As much as academia may think that they are insulated against modern affairs, what they do… Read More

Online course: Making Green Buildings

I have written a few times about LEED and green buildings here, here, and here. This is an opportunity to catch up on the green building industry from an expert! Making Green Buildings is being offered as an online course for the masses, and it is completely free as part of an innovative online course initiative and through the participation of professors from Stanford and… Read More

New year goal? Use online courses to boost professional development!

I’ve signed up to these courses offered online through Coursera. The courses are free, with videos and materials all available on the respective websites. Databases Model Thinking – preview videos are available Computer Science 101 Making Green Buildings Take a look and see if any of the courses offered past and present interest you! I’ll blog more about them as they start up.