Starting Graduate School…Again!

So I mentioned that I’m going to start graduate school again. Well, I’m here! I’ve moved to Singapore for at least my first year to attend National University of Singapore (NUS) for a joint PhD program with Imperial College London. That means, I’ll be in London at some point, hopefully at the beginning of 2014.

The lab at NUS that I’ll be a part of is the Ecological Modeling and Economics lab, and at Imperial College London I’ll be at the Centre for Environmental Policy. For my research, I’m hoping to do some work on disease ecology and economics of trade that impact infectious disease emergence.

For my first semester here, I’m going to take a few courses on doing statistics in R, a graduate seminar in the Biological Sciences department, possibly a course at the School of Public Health on the control of communicable diseases. I’m also going to focus on a few courses on Coursera:

The problem with Coursera is that too many of the courses that I’m interested in start all around the same time. It is hard enough to keep up with one course while working or studying full-time, so I’m not sure how if I’m going to succeed or if I’m going to have to give up a course or two and prioritize. I guess this might be because the professors who are doing these courses all go along similar academic calendars and this just seems to work for them this way.

Anyway, I will start posting more regularly again, especially as I start to ramp up reading of journal articles and taking the Coursera classes.


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2 thoughts on “Starting Graduate School…Again!

  1. It sounds like you’re going to have an exciting but jam-packed semester! I feel the same way about Coursera and other online courses like Udacity and MIT OCW; I want so badly to learn the material but my time is so limited! Good luck to us both in the months ahead…

  2. Thanks! I think you take it to the next level though with how much you pack in there…I am going to finish at least one Coursera class this time!

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