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The genius of RSS feeds


When you train your dog to bring you the morning paper, that is a neat trick. When you train your computer to bring you news you want to read, that is an RSS feed. I never fully appreciated RSS feeds for what they can do until I started reading the book We the Media by Dan Gillmor. The underlying idea is that you don’t need… Read More

The wikiquest for innovation: Part 2

Some more interesting quotes from the book Wikinomics by Don Tapscott and Anthony D. Williams: “We must encourage innovation without eroding the vitality of the scientific and cultural commons. We need an incentive system that rewards inventors and knowledge producers and encourages dissemination of their output.” Pg. 240 “The culture of generosity is the very backbone of the Internet.” Pg. 274 “Innovation is less about… Read More

Molecular gastronomy…is not your typical food science


Also an article in the book The Best American Science Writing 2007 is a piece called “Cooking for Eggheads” by Patricia Gadsby on molecular gastronomy, which is the study of the physical and chemical processes that go into cooking food. It is interesting to think about this field of science and compare it to what nutritionists do. Nutritionists try to break food down into their… Read More

Detecting lies in the 21st century


I am currently reading the book The Best American Science Writing 2007, and in it was an article about lie detecting by Robin Marantz Henig entitled Looking for the lie that was published in the New York Times Magazine. (Just so you know, there is no scientific evidence to suggest that polygraphs can detect lies at very high accuracy.) Towards the end of her piece,… Read More

We are the Net Generation

I’m not really sure what all the details were about the Twitter and Facebook outage last week. But, from reading some of the headlines that were floating around about people feeling lost without access, I think it really is a sign that we are becoming so accustomed to being constantly connected to the Internet and to social networking sites that some people feel so lost… Read More

The wikiquest for innovation


I’m currently in the middle of the book Wikinomics by Don Tapscott and Anthony D. Williams. They discuss the increasing popularity and need for collaborative effort to create value and content in this economy. Examples range from the music industry to server software. Quotes: Pg. 28 “By definition, a truly global economy has no physical or regional boundaries. It builds planetary ecosystems for designing, sourcing,… Read More