Converting, Passing, Covering (Book Review)

I’ve done it. I’ve downplayed something about myself to give off a different or specific image of myself to others. I just never knew there was a word for it. It’s called “covering,” and it has deeper implications than we may think. My book club read a few months ago a book by that name, Covering by Kenji Yoshino (more info at his website). He… Read More

Millennium Development Goals: global hunger and undernutrition

Food crisis to cause malnutrition: UN

We may all be familiar with the face of hunger, but undernutrition may be more difficult to detect and treat. Last Tuesday, I attended a lecture by Dr. Jessica Fanzo of the Earth Institute’s Center for Global Health and Economic Development. She spoke about “Global Progress in Ending Hunger and Undernutrition.” Some symptoms of undernutrition may include stunted growth for children, and overweightness for adults… Read More

What is the Study of Science and Religion?

Descent with imagination

Image credit: Flickr user Colin Purrington (This image created by Axis of Evo is not exactly what this entry is about, but it is an interesting use of a scientific technique to map out religions of the world.) I wasn’t so sure what to expect when I went to the first lecture of the Earth Institute Practicum yesterday. The speaker was Bob Pollack of the… Read More

LEED Green Associate Study Guide (Part 2 of Series)

Every LEED project needs to fulfill all prerequisites and Minimum Program Requirements. These do not get the project any points towards certification. To get points, the project must include many different strategies in the different categories to add up to the threshold number of points. Read through this website for details on the process: GBCI. Here are the different certification levels: LEED certified – 40-49… Read More