And the female fans will flock!


Special 50th Entry! Female fans often mob their favorite male celebrities, many of them screaming and crying along the way…often at airports, concert halls, hotels, and any other place they can stalk their targets to. Somehow, “favorite” doesn’t seem to be a strong enough adjective in these cases. This phenomenon isn’t something that is just characteristic of humans. From a biological and ecological point of… Read More

Eater’s guidelines…attempts at making sense of it all

As promised, though a bit late, here are some general guidelines for buying and consuming food as suggested by Michael Pollan in the ending chapters of In Defense of Food. He covers a lot of ideas while giving some advice and I will summarize here some of the ones I think are key. I really recommend reading the book for some great stories, examples, and… Read More

All We See is $s and Dinner

(This piece was written Fall 2007.) Our perception of Nature has everything to do with the way that we live our lives. People who trivialize the importance of nature to their daily lives take for granted what Nature has given and allowed us to accomplish. It may seem that we may rely on Nature’s resources indefinitely, but at what cost to Nature? Our time on… Read More

Profile on Dickson Despommier, Ph.D.

A discussion about vertical farming and some of its environmental implications (Portions of the quoted text have been edited from the raw transcript.) Vertical farming has been brought into the forefront recently, with a spot in the film FUEL, articles in TIME, Scientific American, as well as others in the past 6 months. What this concept entails is growing food in a controlled indoor environment… Read More

Climate change and conflict

(This piece was written in Fall 2008.) Climate change is important to any analysis for the future, environmentally, socially, economically, or politically. The IPCC projects that with rising temperatures, there will be a global increase incidence of droughts, desertification, and extreme precipitation events (IPCC 2007). The increase in temperature will also allow range expansion and better survival or overwintering rates of disease carrying vectors such… Read More