I saw a Big Belly!


It was big! And green! And solar-powered! You might be confused right now. I seem to be on a theme of cool life-changing inventions since that post about the Slingshot, because the Big Belly is a solar-powered trash compactor. I saw one yesterday while walking on the East Side in Manhattan. I almost missed it because it was on the side of the street under… Read More

Summer’s end…what was the best part?!


What is it for you? The summer memories, summer weather, summer music, summer nostalgia… When I listen to my favorite summer songs from the years, I feel an overwhelming happiness. I think about youth, playing in the grass, summer events like BBQing, going out to places like Coney Island, being with friends. Why do I feel this attachment to this season? I have a distinct… Read More

We are the Net Generation

I’m not really sure what all the details were about the Twitter and Facebook outage last week. But, from reading some of the headlines that were floating around about people feeling lost without access, I think it really is a sign that we are becoming so accustomed to being constantly connected to the Internet and to social networking sites that some people feel so lost… Read More

The black lagoons of the USA


The author of the NYT editorial I wrote about on August 4th brought up this idea: “Domestically, a power company can earn credits by, say, helping farmers capture methane emitted by animal waste ponds or cultivate land in ways that help absorb carbon.” I’ve read a few articles about these “black lagoons” (term borrowed from NYT article linked below) of animal waste created by farms,… Read More

Summer climate in NYC

This post is coming after the first few real days of summer weather in New York City. This year’s season has been so far unusually mild, and wet (all of June, basically). NYC’s climate is typically hot and humid by June, but from what I remember this past Thursday and Friday were the only significantly summer-like days so far. I’m not sure what this means,… Read More

In the spirit of summer…fireflies!


There is an interesting NYTimes article about a researcher who studies about fireflies. Different species of fireflies have different patterns of flashing, but only the males flash while flying! The females usually sit in the grass observing the males, often looking for a male of their own species to respond to. Often you can find several different species of fireflies in the same field. This… Read More