Food advocacy restaurants and farms?

It bothers me that some restaurants that are supposedly trying to educate the public about food choices and farming STILL charge exorbitant prices for their dishes. One example is the Blue Hill restaurants and farms (which are super prestigious and has received special chef awards and recognition). What is the point of having that goal for the farm and restaurant if you are only going… Read More

up in arms


A friend recently asked me my opinion on petitions for legislative action. You know, those pesky emails and junk mail that say “Action needed now!” or “[Insert terrible event here] will happen if you don’t do this!” Or just the plea for help to solve something by simply signing a petition for some legislation. Let me ask you the question: Do you think these types… Read More

new energy generation

Ever thought that maybe the energy expended to shake your booty at a dance club could be converted to useful electricity? I haven’t been clubbing in a long time, but when I do it is usually a good workout, mostly from the bouncing around. Piezoelectric energy allows mechanical stress to generate electric potential. The panels put in a dance floor, or any flooring actually, generate… Read More


What if a meteor hit the planet? I know there have been several movies about this topic, but really, what if? What would happen to the planet and everything on it? Immediately there would be a lot of destruction, but what about later? What are the longer term effects of such an impact? What would happen to the planet in the time afterwards? I started… Read More

like a rickshaw getting pulled around by another rickshaw

Overheard conversation in class about an assignment to be handed in: A: “Were we supposed to print double or single-sided?” B: “I don’t know.” A: “Well I wasn’t sure, so I did both. I didn’t want to get points off for something silly like that.” Our previous assignment requested that we print double-sided. It would make sense to do the same this time, especially if… Read More

do what you want

A few weeks ago, I was having lunch with a friend. He is planning his wedding and they recently have been going to Bed Bath & Beyond to add items to their registry. He told me about a few items that he saw while there: containers for a single slice of bread, and containers that have a built in ice pack in the lid. That… Read More