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Zoonosis: what it is and what it means

Pigeon at the Roman Forums

  Zoonosis. No, it doesn’t have anything to do with noses. It hardly has anything to do with zoos either. Then what are zoonoses? And how do you pronounce the darn word? Technically, the term zoonoses follows the same pattern as other disease related terms, like mycoses. It’s pronounced as zoo-o-no-sis. The –osis suffix is Latin from Greek expressing a state or a condition, or disease.… Read More

Starting Graduate School…Again!

So I mentioned that I’m going to start graduate school again. Well, I’m here! I’ve moved to Singapore for at least my first year to attend National University of Singapore (NUS) for a joint PhD program with Imperial College London. That means, I’ll be in London at some point, hopefully at the beginning of 2014. The lab at NUS that I’ll be a part of… Read More

What’s the role of “ignorance” in science?

Stuart Firestein was the guest speaker at this month’s Secret Science Club. His area of research is neuroscience and the olfactory system, but at this talk he discussed his ideas on ignorance and how it is important for driving scientific research. Ignorance, according to Firestein, is what drives science because discoveries do not happen as a result of sequential studies and reasoning. It is more… Read More

New year goal? Use online courses to boost professional development!

I’ve signed up to these courses offered online through Coursera. The courses are free, with videos and materials all available on the respective websites. Databases Model Thinking – preview videos are available Computer Science 101 Making Green Buildings Take a look and see if any of the courses offered past and present interest you! I’ll blog more about them as they start up.

Crowd-funding science projects through SciFund and RocketHub

Happy (belated) Thanksgiving! In the giving mood? SciFund and RocketHub have teamed up to raise funding for over 50 diverse science projects. This is a bit like Kiva if you are familiar with microfinancing, except that this is straight giving and not loaning. They also offer rewards for different levels of giving, similar to some other giving sites like Kickstarter. Projects range from microbiology to… Read More