‘Nerdy Things’

Say No to Twilight, Say Yes to (free) classics!


Instead of reading mediocre to bad fiction in your spare time, how about some classics? For free? I might be defining my opinion about Twilight by this entry, but, really, what happened to reading good literature? After leaving high school where many of us had required reading, how many continue to pay tribute to the oldies (English majors not included)? There are plenty of classics… Read More

Depression-era color photos and 2 cool blogs to read

This entry has a common thread that everything is about different, thought-provoking visual stimuli. The Denver Post posted this gallery by photographers from the Farm Security Administration/Office of War Information. These color slides were recovered from the 1939-1943 and show glimpses into what life was like for Americans during harsh times. The data nerd in me really loves the blog Information is Beautiful for its… Read More

Piezoelectricity in mini form and gecko tape

Here are some articles a friend sent to me recently (thanks Katie!). I posted earlier about piezoelectricity being used in dance clubs and subway turnstiles, but here is an article about a smaller version that could be used in cell phones. The second article is about gecko tape. Geckos have a really fascinating ability to climb on the pads of their feet using Van der… Read More

TED Talk: Jamie Oliver’s wish to teach every kid about food

I watched this TED talk by Jamie Oliver last week and it was quite interesting. I was shocked to see the segment on the children in the classroom he visited in West Virginia. They could not identify vegetables. One child mistook tomatoes for potatoes! Jamie’s wish is to create a network of organizations and community initiatives to teach kids about food, parents how to cook,… Read More

Pepsi Refresh Projects that I would vote for

Yesterday was the first day that voting has been open for Pepsi’s Refresh projects. They are giving out grants each month to proposals that get the most votes. Here are some that I think are worth voting for: Buy the kind of exciting lab equipment that makes science come alive! Host a Day of Social Justice education for our campus community. Produce an eco-friendly play… Read More

Flourescent coral makes for really cool living scientific art

If I were ever to have a video as a desktop background, one of these would probably be it! (But I probably never would because it would use up too much electricity to keep it going.) Take a look: ‘Preener’ from MORPHOLOGIC on Vimeo. ‘Corynactis viridis’ from MORPHOLOGIC on Vimeo. These videos are from Morphologic, a science/art initiative based in Miami and led by a… Read More