‘Some Comments’

Beyond GDP: change the game’s incentives by making it more like an open source community (Olympics for the Earth)

Gross domestic product (GDP) has been a crucial metric for individual countries to know how they are doing from year to year. The International Human Dimensions Programme (IHDP) recently invited essays on this topic. Unfortunately I wasn’t able to finish writing by the deadline, but here are my ideas. If we are all to continue reaping resources from the Earth and benefit from the land and… Read More

The role of infectious zoonotic diseases as a connecting element for the Sustainable Development Goals

Someone once asked me, “Isn’t sustainable development an oxymoron?” Now, before you are filled to the brim with contempt for this person, it was only a half-serious but quite valid question with a point to be made. The way that we define and practice sustainable development would be very important to know and understand first to be able to tackle this question. And in any… Read More

The non-PhD route

What does it mean, to be a PhD? It’s different in different places, of course. There have been several articles published on this topic, for me most notably in Nature and the Economist. The idea of doing some research that I’m extremely interested in is still very appealing to me. It’s just that…I don’t want to do the PhD to get there, and it may… Read More

Connecting the path to energy savings with “No on Prop 23″ funding

Today I started reading news in Google Reader, and came across 2 topics that I wish could just find a way to meet up. They have to do with getting widespread behavior and mentality change to happen and funding for political campaigns/issues. That may not sound like they can be connected, but just read on! The first article is titled “Misperceived Paths to Energy Savings”… Read More

Our country is overweight; Food Network needs a new image!


Watch the Food Network for a few hours of programming and count up the number of times a healthy eating habit is promoted. You won’t count very high. Even with over 50% of the U.S.’s adult population overweight or obese (Wikipedia citation), healthy food and eating is on the backburner for the Food Network. As the premiere food oriented channel on basic cable, the Food… Read More