Google and extension of the mind

The amount of stimulation the Internet can provide can be overwhelming at times, but I think that this characteristic may be surpassed by the benefits of having large amounts of information at your fingertips. “Googling” has become almost a daily part of our lives, and only becomes more so as the power of the Google search engines increases its reach. There is, however, an ongoing… Read More



Journal of Visualized Experiments (JoVE): Peer-reviewed video journal articles Remember that Large Hadron Rap that blew up on YouTube? A fellow classmate in my writing about science course wrote about “viral” videos like that one for his term paper. It’s a really cool idea, since he took the angle that education about science could benefit from more videos like these. From another angle, scientists could… Read More

Profile on Dickson Despommier, Ph.D.

A discussion about vertical farming and some of its environmental implications (Portions of the quoted text have been edited from the raw transcript.) Vertical farming has been brought into the forefront recently, with a spot in the film FUEL, articles in TIME, Scientific American, as well as others in the past 6 months. What this concept entails is growing food in a controlled indoor environment… Read More

new energy generation

Ever thought that maybe the energy expended to shake your booty at a dance club could be converted to useful electricity? I haven’t been clubbing in a long time, but when I do it is usually a good workout, mostly from the bouncing around. Piezoelectric energy allows mechanical stress to generate electric potential. The panels put in a dance floor, or any flooring actually, generate… Read More

The Earth Institute’s Panel on “Greening the Urban Economy”

On March 5th, 2009, at the top of the International Affairs Building at Columbia University gathered a diverse group of experts as part of the Earth Institute’s Seminars on Sustainable Development. Though their specialties ranged from Civil Engineering to environmental non-profit organizations, they spoke on a panel together on “Greening the Urban Economy.” “What does this mean?” and “how can we make it happen?” were… Read More