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up in arms


A friend recently asked me my opinion on petitions for legislative action. You know, those pesky emails and junk mail that say “Action needed now!” or “[Insert terrible event here] will happen if you don’t do this!” Or just the plea for help to solve something by simply signing a petition for some legislation. Let me ask you the question: Do you think these types… Read More

when will we learn, when will we change

There are few things to cover today that I have been meaning to talk about! I recently read this blog on the New York Times website about President Obama’s recent speech to the National Academy of Sciences. The author of the blog entry makes an interesting point that Obama is encouraging creativity, over consumerism. I think that is an especially important perspective to take on… Read More

Profile on Dickson Despommier, Ph.D.

A discussion about vertical farming and some of its environmental implications (Portions of the quoted text have been edited from the raw transcript.) Vertical farming has been brought into the forefront recently, with a spot in the film FUEL, articles in TIME, Scientific American, as well as others in the past 6 months. What this concept entails is growing food in a controlled indoor environment… Read More

new energy generation

Ever thought that maybe the energy expended to shake your booty at a dance club could be converted to useful electricity? I haven’t been clubbing in a long time, but when I do it is usually a good workout, mostly from the bouncing around. Piezoelectric energy allows mechanical stress to generate electric potential. The panels put in a dance floor, or any flooring actually, generate… Read More

Climate change and conflict

(This piece was written in Fall 2008.) Climate change is important to any analysis for the future, environmentally, socially, economically, or politically. The IPCC projects that with rising temperatures, there will be a global increase incidence of droughts, desertification, and extreme precipitation events (IPCC 2007). The increase in temperature will also allow range expansion and better survival or overwintering rates of disease carrying vectors such… Read More

Update on scientific literacy piece

I’m still working on that piece on scientific literacy for my writing about science course. I mentioned it in an earlier post. Here are some of the parts and quotes that I have cut out: A recent Columbia graduate comments on her experience in a course called “Better Planet By Design,” saying that, “It made me realize that we can have a lot more of… Read More