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  1. Hi!

    I came across this on a Slovenian forum: a guy previously tauting himself to be ‘eco’ started selling these ‘eco’ Lady Anion pads!
    Apparently there are two suppliers: Lady Anion (Edera) and Love Moon Anion (Vinalite), basically stemming from one company.

    Some even have an ‘infrared’ thread or ‘chip’!(??)
    (Apparently not the ‘eco’ ones, but who knows?)

    This looks very weird too:
    And how is this insole for shoes ‘with infrared & negative ions’? (the cellulose/paper is probably so chemically treated as to be water-resistant, again I wonder how eco it is?)

    Now of course I was scepetical!

    He’s now all insulted cause I expressed my doubts!

    Do you have any idea what they are made of & how?

    I could only find posts or websites selling this, or blogs expressing the sceptic wonder (mostly at the price)!

    Any idea what “the anion chip with far infrared radiation (in the frequency range of human body radiation)” could be made of, or the absorbing gel? One comment here says they are made of ‘polygel’ (which could explain why the same company also sells insoles for shoes?!) but according to there are many polygels made of different things? (claimed to be more or less ‘eco’ too?!)

    Also, I wondered if this could be a case of this Polly-Wanna-Cracker-ism?

    It seems their certificates do not mean much, at least not regarding how ‘eco’ they are!

    Sorry if this is weird, I’ll be happy of any help! 🙂


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