Recycled plastic eyeglasses frames


A year ago this month, I purchased new eyeglasses frames from the Earth Conscious Optics line by MODO. They are made completely of recycled plastic. I could also chosen frames that were made from recycled metals. They have been awesome so far, although they don’t sit quite evenly on my nose, but that just might be because my nose is a little uneven! Here’s what… Read More

Ditching the bottle and making the switch to solid shampoo bars

Lush Squeaky Green Shampoo

There has always been something alluring about a nicely packaged shampoo or personal care product. The packaging designers definitely tap into some kind of psychology of the consumer so that they can project the image that they want us to have of their product. Somehow, we might unconsciously link a pretty bottle to the quality of what’s inside it. I haven’t made many lifestyle changes… Read More

Experiencing outdoor concerts makes me happy!

I was lucky enough to catch The xx at Summerstage in Central Park last Sunday after being away for a tournament. And by “catch,” I mean I sat/stood outside of the gates in a clearing in the trees and barely was able to see a sliver of stage. There is something about being outside in semi-nature, enjoying live music, that makes me very very happy.… Read More