Beyond GDP: change the game’s incentives by making it more like an open source community (Olympics for the Earth)

Gross domestic product (GDP) has been a crucial metric for individual countries to know how they are doing from year to year. The International Human Dimensions Programme (IHDP) recently invited essays on this topic. Unfortunately I wasn’t able to finish writing by the deadline, but here are my ideas. If we are all to continue reaping resources from the Earth and benefit from the land and… Read More

The role of infectious zoonotic diseases as a connecting element for the Sustainable Development Goals

Someone once asked me, “Isn’t sustainable development an oxymoron?” Now, before you are filled to the brim with contempt for this person, it was only a half-serious but quite valid question with a point to be made. The way that we define and practice sustainable development would be very important to know and understand first to be able to tackle this question. And in any… Read More

Energy Liberty!

Energy Liberty

So I just started a 6 month internship as the Associate Director at Energy Liberty. Here is our website so you can check it out: We are a new nonprofit aiming to make low-income communities more competitive for the new emerging green job sector. Two of the Energy Liberty programs will be focused on workforce development and helping homeowners in receiving energy audits for… Read More

Smart growth

Here are some interesting articles about smart growth in the Long Island, New York area: It is nice to hear that these residential buildings will also be near retail spaces, so that the people living there will have access to places within walking distance where they can fulfill their basic needs.

All We See is $s and Dinner

(This piece was written Fall 2007.) Our perception of Nature has everything to do with the way that we live our lives. People who trivialize the importance of nature to their daily lives take for granted what Nature has given and allowed us to accomplish. It may seem that we may rely on Nature’s resources indefinitely, but at what cost to Nature? Our time on… Read More

“Sustainomics”? Possible? Or maybe not?

According to, 2009 is the “Year of Science.” May is the month of Sustainability and the Environment! There are several interesting things to read on EarthPortal’s website, including an interesting page on land use change and an e-book called “Making Development More Sustainable.” In the introduction of this e-book, they authors introduce a term, “sustainomics,” which they define as “a transdisciplinary, integrative, comprehensive, balanced,… Read More