Beyond GDP: change the game’s incentives by making it more like an open source community (Olympics for the Earth)

Gross domestic product (GDP) has been a crucial metric for individual countries to know how they are doing from year to year. The International Human Dimensions Programme (IHDP) recently invited essays on this topic. Unfortunately I wasn’t able to finish writing by the deadline, but here are my ideas. If we are all to continue reaping resources from the Earth and benefit from the land and… Read More

Starting Graduate School…Again!

So I mentioned that I’m going to start graduate school again. Well, I’m here! I’ve moved to Singapore for at least my first year to attend National University of Singapore (NUS) for a joint PhD program with Imperial College London. That means, I’ll be in London at some point, hopefully at the beginning of 2014. The lab at NUS that I’ll be a part of… Read More

Internships in environmental economics and health

EcoHealth Alliance

EcoHealth Alliance is looking for 2 people who are interested in environmental economics and health to intern at our offices in NYC for 2 or more months, at least 2 days per week. This is an opportunity to work with our experts on issues such as economics of emerging diseases or of disease in wildlife trade. Just to give you an idea of what we… Read More

The wikiquest for innovation


I’m currently in the middle of the book Wikinomics by Don Tapscott and Anthony D. Williams. They discuss the increasing popularity and need for collaborative effort to create value and content in this economy. Examples range from the music industry to server software. Quotes: Pg. 28 “By definition, a truly global economy has no physical or regional boundaries. It builds planetary ecosystems for designing, sourcing,… Read More

“Sustainomics”? Possible? Or maybe not?

According to, 2009 is the “Year of Science.” May is the month of Sustainability and the Environment! There are several interesting things to read on EarthPortal’s website, including an interesting page on land use change and an e-book called “Making Development More Sustainable.” In the introduction of this e-book, they authors introduce a term, “sustainomics,” which they define as “a transdisciplinary, integrative, comprehensive, balanced,… Read More

Human-Environment Conflict: Interdependence and the role of cultural attitudes

Interdependence and the role of cultural attitudes (in the context of the global economic crisis) (This piece was written Fall 2008.) Much of the literature on conflict has focused on determining drivers and predictors of conflict. While most have not come to any decisive conclusions, we may still gain insight as to what are the underlying factors involved. The goal for this type of investigation… Read More