Ideas in virtual space through actor-network theory

This was an essay written for a course I took, continuing on the discussion of geography and sociology. Introduction The commodification of technology has made it even easier to reach individuals and groups that are physically distant, but virtually neighboring. In the Information Age, new connections between people and groups of people are being created in the virtual world as much as or more than they… Read More

Virtual space and the internet

The best way to characterize my generation would be the generation that witnessed and came of age during the transition into the age of the Internet. In contrast, many of the younger adults I have met do not know what it was like back when connecting to the Internet meant dialing into the network using a modem. In reading Robert M. Kitchin’s article titled “Towards… Read More

Follow me on Pinterest!

Finding new ways to visualize things is really happening field. (I’ve recently started toying with creating infographics, with inspiration from some really cool blogs.) Pinterest is a way to visualize things from the internet or real life by showing the photo of interest with your own caption underneath. It is a nice way to visually show things according to topics of interest. “Pin” links with… Read More

The genius of RSS feeds


When you train your dog to bring you the morning paper, that is a neat trick. When you train your computer to bring you news you want to read, that is an RSS feed. I never fully appreciated RSS feeds for what they can do until I started reading the book We the Media by Dan Gillmor. The underlying idea is that you don’t need… Read More

I have Google Wave!

Last Sunday, I got my invite for Google Wave (from now one I will call it GWave). If you don’t know what it is, Google has created what they think email would be if it were invented now instead of 40 years ago. Here is a short video with a basic explanation: So far, I have done very little that could actually be called productivity… Read More