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I am working on a piece about scientific literacy! This is for a course on writing about science.

I sent around this survey to gather a sense of what people in my generation know about science and what they thought about their core science classes.

Some of the responses are quite interesting. Here are a few quotes:

  • “The lectures covered really interesting material, but too often the professors failed to make it interesting. Labs were excessively long and filled with lots of busy work.”
  • “On one hand I think it is pretty important for people to understand what’s going on around them but on the other hand I think some people just don’t have the time to devote to understanding what is going on. But I think college kids should definitely know because they have a lot of free time. So I think that it is important for college students to but I wouldn’t expect like an adult to understand everything going on.”
  • “The only think I think people need to know in terms of scientific literacy is that if they read something that politicians say or someone in power says that they should do, I feel like before they do anything about it, they need to learn about it.”
  • “Yeah, the media has a big role and people can’t take what they hear from the media at first glance. Like when I said I like understanding everything around me, I go on Wikipedia and type in random stuff like constantly, when I hear about something in the news. The thing under my facebook says “life is a giant wikiquest” just because I spend like an hour on wikipedia every day.”

The piece will probably end up being about 3000 words. I’ll probably post it here at some point. Currently, I’m working on a second draft for next week. If you have any thoughts to contribute, I would be interested to read them!

On a side note, I mentioned in my first post that I met Adam Bly of Seed Media Group (publisher of SEED magazine). So I emailed Adam Bly the next day to ask him his thoughts on some of these issues. I haven’t gotten a response from him yet, but yesterday a coworker of his emailed to let me know that he is still interested in sending a reply but may take a little while longer to get back to me. That is exciting! I was not expecting to hear from him at all, so that was a nice surprise. Hopefully, he sends me a response within the next week so I can really try to incorporate it into my piece.

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4 thoughts on “burn out brighter

  1. I like the quote “life is a giant wikiquest.” That’s an excellent summary of the Information Age if I ever heard one.

  2. hahaha. yeah I liked that part too. It is a very good representation of some part of our generation.

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