5 ways to Green your Halloween!

Halloween is this Saturday, so I thought I would pull together a quick list of ideas:

1. Make your own candy this year.
Why? Store bought candy uses a lot of packaging, and typically travels long distances to make it to your belly. Here are some links to make-it-at-home recipes:

2. Reuse, borrow or salvage old costumes or costume parts.
Why? Reusing old costumes and costume parts extends the life of the materials and temporarily diverts them from becoming waste in a landfill. It also prevents the need to use fresh, virgin materials for the purpose of a costume. Get creative! Pull together some old clothes that you don’t wear anymore and fit them together to make something interesting.

3. Make your own costume.
Why? Making your own getup allows you to choose more sustainably available materials and also could lead to a greater appreciation for the experience. Plus, you can make it fit your body the way that you think it should.

4. If you are going out to party, drink locally brewed beer or alcohol. (This one you can do any time of the year, but you can make it a point to do it especially for one entire weekend!)

5. And lastly, put that pumpkin in the compost! If you don’t have a compost, donate it to your nearest community garden.
Why? Nutrients in the pumpkins can return to the earth if they are allowed to decompose naturally. The next crop of plant life can then take up these nutrients.

Have a safe and environmentally-conscious Halloween!


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