Accepted to be a StartingBloc Social Innovation Fellow!

I received an email yesterday that I have been accepted for a StartingBloc Social Innovation Fellowship, that will start with the Social Institute for Innovation in March 2010.

Here is a description from their website

The StartingBloc Social Innovation Fellowship is kickstarted by the Institute for Social Innovation. The Institute is a five day transformational experience, where fellows interact with one another and StartingBloc alumni mentors. At the Institute students and young professionals (aged 20-29) are provided with the training, education, and networks necessary to turn any career into a socially responsible one. We teach innovative ways to make for-profits more sustainable and accountable, and non-profits more business savvy. During the Institute, Fellows learn about corporate social responsibility, social entrepreneurship, cross sector partnerships and sustainability from leading academics, corporate innovators, social entrepreneurs, activists and government officials. The curriculum provides a fresh look at global issues and enables our Fellows to innovatively affect change at all levels.
Each year, the Institutes bring together 375 Fellows at three locations: Boston (125 Fellows), New York (125 Fellows) and London (125 Fellows). The Institute is a gateway into StartingBloc’s Alumni Community.

Apply Now

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I hope that you decide to apply for this! Please pass this on to anyone you think might be interested. The second deadline for applications is Nov. 30th.


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