Pepsi Refresh Projects that I would vote for

Yesterday was the first day that voting has been open for Pepsi’s Refresh projects. They are giving out grants each month to proposals that get the most votes.

Here are some that I think are worth voting for:

If I were to submit a project idea, I think I would do something in the Education or Food & Shelter category. I intended to try to put together an idea to submit for this, but ended up not having the time to do it.

I have a few ideas about student activism. Any suggestions?


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2 thoughts on “Pepsi Refresh Projects that I would vote for

  1. These all sound interesting!
    I especially like the last two – lab equipment could be nice too, provided none-too-toxic chemicals would be mixed there!

    The only thing that troubles me about this is Pepsi!!
    I don’t think Pepsi is eco or healthy at all (or any other colored-water-bubblies) soo… hmmm?

  2. I agree with your concerns! I’m skeptical when big companies like this try to do something good. It seems like they are trying to make up for their bad karma or something!

    However, I was at a lecture last week and Dr. Jessica Fanzo mentioned that Derek Yak is the Director of Global Health at Pepsico. He used to work for the WHO and has done a lot to change policies at Pepsico, so maybe this is on the right track!

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