Happy first birthday to this blog, and FRESH the movie

It has been a just a few days past a year since I first posted on this blog. A lot has changed since then, the most significant of which is that I now have a great job!

Since starting that job, this blog has been greatly neglected. So with that in mind, I will try to post much more often (which may mean shorter posts, but I will try!).

Last night I saw FRESH, the movie. It is a documentary about food, agriculture, and the stories behind the people growing food.

Watch this trailer:

I generally enjoyed the film and the story that unfolded. It is different from other documentaries in that it does not rely too heavily on the facts to tell the story. It is more about using the imagery and the narrative to reach out to the audience.

I liked seeing the sustainably managed farms, and especially Will Allen’s work in an urban setting. The stark comparison to the scenes from industrial farms are a harsh reality that I wish more people could witness.

If you would like to see FRESH, you can get a home screening license to watch in a group with friends, or try to catch a screening near you.

I have yet to see Food, Inc., but I will be seeing it at the end of the month. Perhaps then I can make a fuller comparison.


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2 thoughts on “Happy first birthday to this blog, and FRESH the movie

  1. Thanks Layla! You haven’t missed much, I have been missing writing for this blog lately, but I’m trying to pick it up again! I have to get used to this working lifestyle, I guess!!

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