Depression-era color photos and 2 cool blogs to read

This entry has a common thread that everything is about different, thought-provoking visual stimuli.

The Denver Post posted this gallery by photographers from the Farm Security Administration/Office of War Information. These color slides were recovered from the 1939-1943 and show glimpses into what life was like for Americans during harsh times.

The data nerd in me really loves the blog Information is Beautiful for its use of data to create visualizations that are beautiful and interesting.

The science nerd in me loves the website The Fun Theory for the psychological experimentation it is conducting.


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2 thoughts on “Depression-era color photos and 2 cool blogs to read

  1. All of those links are great. I passed the Information Is Beautiful link on to one of my friends; we’re working on a patent together for ways to visualize assembly code flow to make more sense to programmers.

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