Recycled plastic eyeglasses frames

A year ago this month, I purchased new eyeglasses frames from the Earth Conscious Optics line by MODO. They are made completely of recycled plastic. I could also chosen frames that were made from recycled metals. They have been awesome so far, although they don’t sit quite evenly on my nose, but that just might be because my nose is a little uneven!

Here’s what they look like:

They are also doing an interesting promotion where they plant a tree for every pair of frames purchased. Check out their website: ECO Optics

Hopefully I’ll be able to used these frames for several more years to get as much mileage out of them as I can.

This makes me wonder, what other cool upcycled things are out there? Know of any?


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4 thoughts on “Recycled plastic eyeglasses frames

  1. I like those glasses–they look really good on you.

    It seems to me like we’re still at the point where glasses like this are more expensive to buy than their less eco-friendly equivalents… do you think we’ll ever get past that point?

  2. Thanks for bringing this up, Nat! I forgot to talk about this.
    Actually, these frames were $130. I also had a coupon that they gave out at an event as a launch promotion, so it came out to be about $100. This is without any discount from health insurance, so they were actually cheaper than what my sister’s frames were going for. She paid about the same amount, but had a >$100 credit from health insurance. So these were actually less expensive!

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